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Casual shoes have become the “overlord” of the new season of the market

Since the beginning of summer, high temperature weather has swept across the entire northern hemisphere, while Paris, Beijing, New York and other cities are shrouded in high temperatures of around 40 degrees. In the past, people have already changed into cool clothes, but this year, many consumers have not abandoned the casual shoes on their feet.

 According to the quarterly report of the market research agency NPD Group, many casual shoes designed and produced by many factories, especially sports and leisure shoes, once occupied the market, and even the “special favorite” beach shoes in summer are difficult to shake their position. The reason for such a situation is undoubtedly because people are not only interested in the “appearance” of shoes, but also in the comfort and versatility of a pair of shoes.

The casual shoes designed and produced by many casual shoe OEM factories are not only durable and soft, allowing consumers to have a good wearing experience, but also can be worn in many different situations, allowing consumers to respond to different occasions. Furthermore, shoe brands such as Vans, Puma and other shoe brands mainly promote this type of sports and leisure shoes, so many followers of their brands have also contributed to this trend. At the same time, because the live broadcasts of various platforms are willing to spare no effort to promote these kinds of shoes, their fans have gradually become the suitors of these kinds of casual shoes. Therefore, among young consumers, online celebrity casual shoes are almost standard for every person.

All in all, the consumption habits of consumers have been gradually changing, and the market situation is also constantly changing. If the casual shoe OEM factory wants to gain more profits and occupy more market share, it must grasp these changes and keep up with the trend pace of.

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