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China Casual Shoes OEM Processing

First of all, look at the factory. This is an image and face project. It depends on the existence, scale, attitude of doing things and company management level of the casual shoe OEM factory. It is like a blind date. The first impression is very important.

The quality control should be based on the needs of the guests. During the negotiation, it must be repeatedly confirmed that the guests want what they want, not what you think they can.

Foreign trade casual shoes OEM price positioning knowledge First of all, you must know the rules of the price positioning of casual shoes. Generally speaking, it is mainly determined by the fabric workmanship of the shoes themselves. However, the price positioning rules for some mid-to-high-end shoes are different. For many For casual shoe OEM manufacturers, it is necessary to accurately define their own shoes. Generally speaking, there are two ways to position shoes. One is to reflect the differences of market brands, and the other is to identify buyers. , Agents, dealers’ psychological feelings.

Wangdu Zhixing Shoudao Trading Co., Ltd. checks the source of quality. We strive for perfection. Every pair of shoes is a marathon of quality from raw materials to finished products. If you are looking for a casual shoe OEM, you can’t miss it. Consultation hotline: +86 13082311323, you can also click the website for online customer service consultation.



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