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What to pay attention to when washing shoes

Buying too many shoes, how to store and maintain them is a very annoying problem! Today I will tell you about the maintenance, cleaning and storage methods of shoes of various materials.

1: Washable materials such as sneakers and canvas shoes
The cleaning method of shoes made of this material is direct washing. For example, shoes of similar materials such as sneakers and canvas shoes can be washed directly with water, but do not soak for a long time. Like small white shoes, they are really beautiful to wear, but they are also really easy to get dirty, and some stains on the shoes cannot be removed no matter how you rinse them.

It is recommended that you lightly brush the surface with a toothbrush or shoe brush dampened with a little alcohol to remove stains. After cleaning, remember not to dry the shoes in the sun. Exposure to the sun will not only make the shoes fade and deform, but also make the white shoes yellow. The correct way is to wrap the shoes completely with a white towel or paper towel and put them in a ventilated place to dry.

2: Leather shoes, leather boots, snow boots
Some bright leather, patent leather or ordinary leather shoes cannot be washed directly with water, and need to be wiped with wet wipes. Just use the mild lotion, baby oil, or Vaseline you usually use yourself, and there is no need to buy additional shoe polish. Apply directly to the leather boots and wipe in a circular motion to smooth out the wrinkles of the leather, which is environmentally friendly and effective. In order to prevent the boots from being soft.

It is recommended to prepare some newspapers and stuff them into the shoes to prevent moisture and prevent the shoes from being deformed. And where the boots are straight, you can put a water bottle or an old magazine for support.

So after the exterior is cleaned, how to clean the interior of the leather shoes?

You can remove the insole first, wash and dry separately. Then use some disinfectant wipes with alcohol to wipe the inside of the shoes. After cleaning, use a dry paper towel to absorb the moisture and put some desiccant to keep the shoes dry.



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