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Flat feet should scientific selection of shoes

How to tell if a child has flat feet? The method is to sprinkle a layer of flour on the ground and let the child step on it. In normal feet, the inner edge of the foot should not touch the ground, that is, it will not be stained with flour, while flat feet are just the opposite, and most of the soles of the feet will be covered with flour. The problem of flat feet is that walking is prone to fatigue, soreness, swelling, and discomfort. After a long time, it may also lead to sequelae such as plantar fascia, knee or waist, etc., which affect the knee, hip, lumbar spine, cervical spine, and brain.

In this regard, parents should not underestimate their children’s foot development problems. Flat feet can be corrected with exercise and wearing orthopedic shoes if detected early. The working principle of orthopedic shoes is to adjust the biological force line of the foot to make it close to normal, reduce the pulling of some muscles and soft tissues by the flat foot, so as to improve the efficiency of muscle use and reduce the probability of strain injury.

Orthopedic shoes are not bought casually. Parents need to take their children to do detailed plantar pressure inspection and testing, and make them according to their needs, so as to change the force characteristics of each part of the foot during exercise. In addition to orthopedics, orthopedic shoes and customized the insoles also have such a service. The orthopedist will analyze the foot data and recommend the use of orthopedic shoes or orthopedic products.

In addition to insisting on wearing orthopedic shoes, podiatrists also suggest that children should actively participate in sports activities, do warm-up exercises before exercise, and do foot exercises, stretching exercises, hot water baths after exercise, etc., and can also insist on doing some things such as toes grab the towel, walk in a straight line, etc., to exercise the strength of the foot, and the foot will return to normal.



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