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How to buy outdoor wading shoes

1. Drainage

Because of the particularity of the uphill movement, a large amount of sediment may enter the shoes with the water flow during the movement. In order to reduce the wear and tear of the sediment in the water on the feet, a pair of wading shoes must have good drainage. Generally speaking, it means that there must be a corresponding number of water leaks from the upper to the insole and sole, so that the sweat can be drained quickly.

2. Slip resistance

The bottoms of many streams are covered with stones, which can be very smooth if the current is fast. If the water flow is slow, moss will easily grow on the surface of the stone, which is also a safety hazard. So a good pair of wading shoes, the sole must have enough slip resistance. The professional non-slip outsole that the upstream shoes should have should be able to protect the feet while also having a certain degree of comfort. It is easy to walk and can cope with several road conditions at the same time. The best sole has a special groove shading design to increase its contact area with road.

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3. Shock absorption

It is inevitable to jump between the stones when going up the river, or walk in the shallow riverbed. The shock absorption effect of the shoes and the filterability of the gravel have to be stronger, which requires a thicker EVA or PP midsole. , Just imagine how uncomfortable it is to walk in a pair of high rubber boots in a water full of uneven pebbles.

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4. Choose the shape

River trail shoes have all-inclusive design and non-all-inclusive design. Generally speaking, the all-inclusive type can better fit the feet and protect the feet, and evenly wrap the soles of the feet.

The first point to buy beach shoes is the sole. Many beach shoes will smell bad if they are worn for a long time or soaked in water. In fact, the smell is mostly from the middle of the sole. This kind soles may have good comfort, but it will dry very slowly after getting wet, and the moisture will continuously penetrate the sole.



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