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How to choose skateboard shoes?

Basically, any sports shoes can be engaged in skateboarding, but there are still some differences between skateboarding shoes and general sports shoes. The rear heel adopts a visible air cushion design to give the foot the required shock-absorbing protection, and the stabilizer placed in the middle of the shoe also provides the required support and torsion resistance, allowing the wrench to move freely without worrying about sprains . The part of the back of the shoe is specially thickened to protect the feet of skateboarders.

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1. The strength of skateboard shoes:

The material of the sole and upper of skateboard shoes is preferably polyurethane, and the upper is preferably thick suede cowhide, which is more wear-resistant. Pay attention to the position of the shoes you usually use when OLLIE wears boards, and try to avoid shoes with wiring at these positions when choosing shoes, so as to prevent the board shoes from being scrapped prematurely due to off-line.

2. The comfort of skateboard shoes:

For some skaters with delicate skills, they prefer to use thinner skates. The soles of these skate shoes are relatively thin, but they usually have thicker or air-cushioned insoles, and the leather used for the upper is relatively soft, so you can clearly feel the sand on the board passing against the feet when doing movements. Skateboarders who move more vigorously generally choose thicker skateboard shoes. For example, the soles have air cushions or oil cushions, and the tongues are relatively thick, so that they feel more bounded when worn.


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