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How to make leather shoes durable?

Leather just like our skin needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to prolong its life and keep it in its best condition.What is the ideal state of leather shoes?The surface of leather shoes should be soft, uniform in color and elastic, so how to make leather shoes durable?

  1. Leather shoe cleaner: Removes dust, stains and smudges on leather shoes.
  2. Shoes cream: Provide color supplement and maintenance for the vamp, moisturizing, and keep the leather elastic.
  3. Shoe wax: Clean and polish the shoes, cover scratches, protect leather.
  4. Shoe nourishing cream: Nourish and protect the leather, prevent the leather from cracking, and maintain the elasticity and softness of the leather.
  5. Use shoe brush to remove the dust on the vamp to prevent stains from settling,once a week.
  6. Clean your shoes with a shoe cleaner and moisturizer,once a month.
  7. Using cedar wood lasts allows you to easily polish the folds of the shoes, maintain the shape of the shoes and prevent the shoes from getting moldy.



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