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How to match socks shoes

1. Loose shorts

In summer, the simplest match is shorts. Shorts means that the shoes are completely exposed. If your calves are relatively thick, it is recommended to choose dark colors with slightly longer shorts, about six points, if you have two perfect long legs, then you can really dominate the shorts and sock shoes.

2. Black cropped pants

Cropped trousers can be said to be the mainstream item for matching socks shoes. It can not only perfectly highlight the slender shoe shape, but also allow the “shoe upper” to have a very natural connection with the trouser legs, making the matching more holistic, and also allowing the shoes become the absolute protagonist of the whole body. Especially for friends who like the popular minimalist style, a solid color T-shirt is a minimalist match.

3. Leggings

Since the popularity of trousers, they have been regarded as the best companion for sneakers, and the same is true for sock shoes. Especially for boys with relatively strong calves, a pair of dark legging can not only set off the shoes, but also make your legs more symmetrical. The trousers of the trousers should just cover the upper, or they can be stacked on the upper. It should not be too long, and it should not be covered by the upper stack.

4. Formal wear

Sock shoes are actually a kind of sneakers, which can also be matched with formal wear. A pair of dark-colored sock shoes can make formal wear without any sense of incongruity, but if it is a particularly formal occasion, it is better to wear leather shoes honestly.



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