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How to match women’s strappy flat sandals

The benefits of popular flat sandals are not limited to comfort,especially when you know how to match them, the fashion and aura when you wear them are not inferior to high-heeled sandals.The minimalist design of the strappy sandals reveals a large area of instep skin. Its charm is that it can easily become the finishing touch with any summer clothes.It is worth mentioning that the thinner the strap of the strappy sandals, the sexier it will look.

women's flat sandals


1. The strappy sandals design is simple,and it is recommended to match them with simple and elegant fashions,such as dress or basic shorts;Avoid overly layered clothing and the “top-heavy” collocation effect;

2. If you don’t want the overall shape to be too simple, you can choose a printed style for the basic dress, or have design details such as slits on the dress, and pay attention not to focus on making more layers;

3. Strappy sandals have high requirements for “feet”. Skillful use of foot nail polish and other details will add points to your overall appearance.



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