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How to remove the oil from the white shoes?

Sometimes we accidentally drop oil on our white shoes when eating, especially chili oil, and the color is horrible! What should we do? Today, I will teach you a few tips for cleaning oil stains from white shoes~

1. Detergent

This should be available in every family, just the kind that usually washes dishes.Those with common sense in life should know that if oil drips on clothes, you can scrub the dripping area with detergent first, and then throw it into the washing machine.In fact, it is also very useful for oil stains on shoes.First, drop a little detergent on the place where the oil drops on the white shoes, and then apply it by hand or brush it with a small brush. The oil stain will disappear~Then use the ordinary method to clean the white shoes, and the white shoes will be as clean as new~

2. Blotter paper or highly absorbent paper

This is not for chili oil and normal vegetable oil, but for candle oil stains! When the little white shoes accidentally dripped with candle oil,you can stick blotter paper or paper with strong adsorption on the dripping oil,and then use a hair dryer to heat the candle oil, it will be sucked up by the paper~

3. Gasoline

Does it sound like it will make your white shoes more dirty? Actually it won’t! In fact, using gasoline can effectively remove animal and vegetable oils~When washing shoes, use a cloth or towel stained with gasoline to absorb oil stains in time, so that the oil stains will be separated from the white shoes~



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