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Injection shoes and cement shoes production process

When it comes to shoes, in addition to men’s shoes, women’s shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, cloth shoes, for professionals, the main difference is injection shoes and cement shoes.

Injection molding is the shoes made by the machine. After the top is stuck on the aluminum last, it is generally directly injected into PVC, TPR and other materials by the rotary machine to form the sole at a time.

Advantages: because it is made by machine, the output is large and the price is low.

Disadvantages: if there are many styles, it is more troublesome to change the mold, shoes are difficult to finalize the design, no cold sticky shoes exquisite workmanship, so it is generally suitable for sole style single order.

cement shoes is what we generally say handmade shoes, Italy, Spain those famous shoes belong to this kind.

Generally need adhesive line processing, cement shoes soles are generally provided by the factory specially responsible for the sole, if they do not have the sole mold, it needs to open another mold, generally sole factory more than 1W pairs of free open mold.

Practice is to help the surface with plastic last after shaping and the sole with glue together.

Advantage: fine workmanship, make the shoe effect is better.

Disadvantages: small daily output, high price, generally suitable for medium or above factory production to form a scale.



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