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Matching method of women flat flip flops sandals

Many flip flops add more decorative designs on the upper: gems, beads, feathers, tassels. A modern flat bottom cool mop that can completely liberate your feet is really irresistible.Sandals are endowed with more fashionable fun: luxurious satin, metallic texture, tassel embellishment, and also simple and generous leather shapes. The comfortable and versatile flat-bottomed sandals easily win the favor of fashion circles.

women flat flip flops china

Tips :

1. If the color of the clothes is low-key, then a pair of bright color flip flops sandals will immediately add a lively and relaxed fashion sense;

2. Short women should not think that only high-heeled shoes can save their height. Flip flops sandals with short skirts (or shorts) above the knee length can also elongate the proportion of the lower body and achieve the effect of heightening.

women flat flip flops

3. Skillful use of small details such as stockings and toe nail polish will add extra points to your overall look.



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