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Questions and answers about casual shoes OEM

According to the response from our customer service, the customers who came to our shop have many questions about the custom service of shoes. Today, we submit a FAQ about the customize processing of shoes for all customers. Please see below:

1. Are you a manufacturer?

Answer: Yes, Wangdu Zhixingshoudao Trading Co., Ltd. is a shoes manufacturer, located in Wangdu county, Baoding City, Hebei Province.
Our company is integrating with sample design, production and sales, has more than 10 years experience in the production of men and women shoes.

2.What materials are the products mainly made of? How is the quality?

Answer: Our shoes products include casual shoes, sports shoes, business shoes, loafer shoes, boots etc. The main raw materials of the products are fly-woven fabric uppers, some are PU leather, the soles are PVC, EVA and TPR. Our company has the production department with rich experience in shoes making, with strict quality controls in each process, to ensure the each pair quality of customer’s order.

3.If you place an order, what is the delivery time?

Answer: Our normal production time is 10-25 days. The specific time depends on the order quantity.

4.Without a brand authorization letter, can casual shoes be OEM?

Answer: Sorry, this is not possible. The company cannot be arrange the bulk order production without the brand authorization letter.

5.Does your factory make high imitation shoes of brands?

Answer: We do not make high imitation shoes, you can choose the styles developed and designed by our design department for OEM.

6.What is the price?

Answer: Different products have different materials, different workmanship, so, the price will be different.



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