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Teach you to choose the right sports shoes

1.Know your foot shape

Before buying shoes, you must first know your foot shape. Generally speaking, there are two types of foot: valgus and varus.

Valgus means the high arch of the foot, and the outer side of the forefoot of the sole worn frequently.Running shoes suitable for this type of foot are called shock absorbers.

Varus means the inner side of the forefoot of the sole worn frequently.Running shoes suitable for this type of foot are called support shock absorbers.For varus shoes, the manufacturer will add more material on the inside of the shoes to help correct the foot shape when landing;And valgus shoes need to use more material on the outside of the shoes to correct the landing foot shape.

If you figure out the wrong foot shape and buy the wrong shoes, then the more you run, the more you get hurt.So figuring out your foot shape is a key step in choosing running shoes. Some people may ask, is there a normal foot shape with neither varus nor valgus? The answer is yes.For such a foot shape, you can try both varus and valgus. It is better to try various shoes in the physical store.

2.Judge your equipment quantity by weight and mileage

Heavy weight and big mileage,you can choose shoes with enough cushioning materials , which can provide sufficient protection for the feet, and the relative price is more expensive;For those with light weight or small mileage, you can choose shoes with small equipment to avoid too much cushioning material.

3.The arch matches the shoe shape

Normal type: when running, the ankle is slightly pronated, which can play a natural shock absorption function.Such people are less troublesome to buy shoes, and general types of running shoes are suitable;Low arch type: Excessive internal rotation of the ankle during running, plus too long time, lead to the drop of the arch, which is easy to cause foot fatigue and knee pain. You should choose shoes with reinforced arch inner pads to reduce the degree of varus , it is suitable to choose “stable” and “control” running shoes.Avoid wearing shoes with thick cushioning or curved running shoes;High arch type: When running, there is too little internal rotation of the ankle, resulting in insufficient body shock absorption, and the waist, back and knee joints are easily injured.

Know yourself to know running shoes
Choose a pair of jogging shoes that suit you!
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