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The basic requirements for the men’s shoes

1. Meet the basic functional requirements

(1) Practical functions: simply speaking, are the wearing and maintenance of human feet, and provide assistance for various activities and work of human feet, such as walking, sports, tourism, mountaineering, wading, snowboarding, skating, dancing, performances, as well as various work supporting people.

Such as daily shoes, military shoes, work shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes, medical correction shoes, etc.

(2) Special functions:  men’s shoes meet special needs, such as anti-static shoes, professional sports shoes, professional performance shoes, etc.

2. Meet the comfort requirements

   That is, in the process of producing and processing men’s shoes, we pay attention to the wearing of shoes is very comfortable and warm, and there is no uncomfortable feeling.

3. Meet the requirements of fashion

  Whether in terms of practical function or aesthetic function, the design and processing of men’s shoes should keep up with the development and progress of the times, conform to the times, and keep pace with the times.



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