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The health effect of cloth shoes

The benefits of wearing cloth shoes, especially handmade cloth shoes:

(1)Perspiration and breathable: Help you relieve the troubles of sweaty and odorous feet. People with sweaty feet can wear it for a long time without changing the insole, and keep the inside of the shoes dry.

(2)Foot care: make the foot skin soft and smooth, and relax the foot muscles.

(3)Has the function of promoting many acupoints. Enhance blood circulation and prevent various diseases caused by wet and cold feet.

(4)Dry and odorless:Human feet are odorless like hands.However, because the foot sweat can not go out, and the shoes are wet for a long time, the bacteria multiply and smell.The cloth shoes are dry, and bacteria cannot reproduce, so they do not smell.

(5)Wearing single cloth shoes is cooler than wearing slippers and sandals. Cotton cloth shoes are especially warm because they are dry inside.

(6)Shock absorption and brain protection.

(7)Beautiful and elegant.

(8)Reasonable design.

(9)It does not contain any chemical ingredients, and is a cross-century “green shoe” that conforms to the laws of nature and human physiological characteristics.



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