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Understand the comfort factors of shoes

In addition to practical functions, aesthetic functions, symbolic functions, entertainment functions, fitness functions, etc., people have higher comfort requirements for the shoes.

If shoes that lack of comfort, it will be greatly lose its practical functions. Men’s comfort comes from the physiological requirements and feelings of the feet and the body. Shoes with good comfort are undoubtedly attractive to people. Many comfort factors are taken into consideration when designing the shoes. So what are the factors that affect the comfort of shoes?

1. Fitness factor:  Generally speaking, the fitness of the shoe has the greatest impact on the comfort of the shoe, that is to say, the fitness is the most critical factor for the comfort of the shoes wearer.

2. Breathability:  The skin is breathable, shoes with poor breathability make the feet feel stuffy and uncomfortable, and poor breathability is often accompanied by poor hygroscopicity. In this case, it is very easy to produce odor and breed bacteria in the shoes, causing various foot diseases.

3. Hygroscopic:  Human feet, like other parts of the body, expel a certain amount of water in the form of steam. When there are certain internal or external stimuli or intensified exercise, the feet will secrete more water, that is sweat. There are various chemical components in sweat, which have a strong corrosive effect on shoes and socks. In cold environments, which can easily cause frostbite. To this end, designers will choose and use materials with better hygroscopicity to keep the shoe cavity dry.

4. Shock absorption:  Some experiments show, in strenuous exercise, shoes with poor shock absorption will cause certain damage to the joints and back. To this end, men’s shoe processing designers reduce or eliminate the damage and discomfort caused by this vibration to the human body by the material and structural design of the insole, midsole and outsole of the shoe.

5. Portability:  The weight of shoes has a great influence on the energy consumption of the human body. Reducing the weight of footwear such as travel shoes, running shoes, safety shoes, and casual shoes has great practical significance for people.

6. Softness:  People who wear hard soles will experience pain in the soles of their feet when walking and standing for a long time, so soles with a certain degree of softness will make people feel more comfortable



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