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Use a pair of casual shoes to get all the summer outfits! Everything from choice to match

Summer in addition to the choice of good clothing, there is a kind of accessories is also very important, although not the leading role, but in wearing is essential, the most important nature is shoes.

Even as an accessory, but the role of shoes is not low, a little bad collocation, it is easy to affect the overall wear.

Casual shoes are used to match both relaxed and comfortable, and simple and natural, this type of shoes can choose a lot of types and colors in fact, so if you don’t want the overall collocation is not good, then we must combine to match shoes.
Different shoes and pieces can create different styles together, just as clothes and pants have to work together. Use a pair of casual shoes to get all the summer outfits! Everything from choice to match.

“Casual shoes” style and selection tips
(1) Style
You think there’s only one type of casual shoe? That’s wrong. This type of shoes not only only in our awareness of so many, in the market is a variety of types.
Let’s take a few of the more common ones, like flats, running shoes and dad shoes. These three types of collocation we often see, and often can be useful to the opportunity, so for everyone is not strange.

(2) Selection skills
In fact, there are no rules to choose shoes. If you want to say something, it can only be said to fit and match. Different foot types can match different shoe styles, and can wear comfortable shoes are not the same.
There is collocation, some girls may feel that a pair of shoes can match all the wear, in fact, is very unreasonable, if so, can only be said to be mixed. So everything should be suitable for the occasion, including the clothes.

Conclusion: when girls wear, they must open themselves up and not be limited to one single product. Not all dresses can’t be worn with loafers, not all pants can’t be worn with high heels, we can follow the shape and style of pants.

There are their own can control the type, to make a reasonable summary, so as to reduce the chance that we tread on thunder, and at the same time can wear out advanced fashion modeling, so you girls must learn to wear, brave wear and continue to try.


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