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What are the characteristics of socks shoes

Sock overshoes can also be called sock shoes,it is a kind of shoes that are neither leather nor mesh. It has the characteristics of light, thin, breathable, soft and close fitting.The sock shoes are very fashionable.It can be paired with baggy shorts, black capris, leggings and formal wear,The socks can also be stacked, that is, the socks are higher than the upper and the pants are higher than the socks, or paired with shorts to form a natural sense of hierarchy. What are the characteristics of socks shoes?

Socks shoes wholesale

1. Lightweight and breathable

There is no need to compare with leather shoes. The socks shoes with air holes are much more breathable than most mesh shoes, and they are lighter and thinner.

2. Integration

Traditional sports shoes are mostly spliced, and the stitching line will rub with the sole during the movement, which is very painful. Integration shoes will not cause such problems.

3. Soft and tight

The soft upper will cling to your feet and reduce the soreness during exercise, and there will be no problem of grinding your feet at all

4. Delicate feel

Sock shoes can make people feel the knitting process very clearly, and the texture is very regular. It feels very delicate and soft to the touch and wear on the feet.



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