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How to match socks shoes to look good, what are the characteristics of socks shoes?

Sock shoes are subversive sneakers that are neither leather nor mesh. They are light, breathable, integrated, soft and snug.
Socks shoes are very fashionable when worn, it can be matched with loose shorts, black cropped trousers, leggings, formal clothes, and you can also stack socks, that is, make the socks higher than the upper of the sock cover,Then the trousers are higher than the socks, or paired with shorts, forming a natural sense of hierarchy.

women sockes shoes

What are the characteristics of socks shoes

  • Lightweight and breathable
    No need to compare with leather, sock shoes with holes all over the body are much more breathable than most mesh surfaces, and are lighter and thinner.
  • Integration
    Most of the traditional sports shoes are spliced ​​together, and the car line at the spliced ​​part will rub against the sole of the foot during the movement, which is very painful. Integration does not create this problem.
  • Soft and close
    The soft upper will stick to your feet during exercise, reducing the soreness during exercise, and there will be no problem of grinding your feet at all.
  • Delicate feel
    Sock shoes can make people feel the knitting process very clearly, and the texture is very irregular. It feels very delicate and soft to the touch and wear on the feet.



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