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What are the styles of sports shoes

jogging shoes

More professional jogging shoes generally have good air permeability and shock absorption function. The front end of the shoe will have a large space for the feet to move, and the heel part is divided into two parts, which can improve the efficiency of the movement during running.

basketball shoes

Basketball shoes are divided into two types: ordinary version and professional version according to their functions. The ordinary version of the sole has some texture, which is generally suitable for indoor basketball courts. The professional version has added functions such as air cushion and anti-twist, which can protect the ankle.

soccer shoes

Soccer shoes are sports shoes made for football. The soles have rubber spikes, which can ensure the shoes have excellent grip when running, and the vamp design can also enhance the direction and accuracy when contacting the ball.

outdoor shoes

Outdoor sports have high requirements on the performance of shoes. Outdoor sports shoes generally have good cold-proof and warm-keeping performance, and are designed with cushioning and pushing functions.

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