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What is the difference between cement shoes and injection shoes?

1. Different soles

The most obvious difference between cement and injection molded shoes is the sole, the injection shoes have a line at the heel or the edge, that is because the shoe left a mark when the mold. cement shoes have no line heel or edge.

2. different technology

The two processes are different. Injection shoes are made by injecting PU raw materials into the outer mold with a continuous side injection molding machine and sticking them into one body. Its process features are automatic feeding, measuring, foaming, injection, mold closing, mold opening, molding. cement shoe technology is artificial in sole and upper joint coated with glue, and then by heat treatment of a method of bonding.

3. Different materials

Injection shoes are made of PU raw materials with uniform material, corrosion-resistant sole and upper surface without opening glue, anti-break outsole, wear-resistant, waterproof and low-carbon environmental protection. cement shoes due to the use of glue adhesion, sole and help easy to open, not waterproof, benzene in the glue is harmful to human body.



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