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What should we do if the leather shoes get wet?

A pair of comfortable and decent leather shoes can make us be able to handle various occasions with ease.But no matter how good leather shoes are, they also need maintenance, so what should we do if the leather shoes get wet?

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If the leather shoes get wet.we should first gently pat dry the surface of the shoes with a dry cloth,and then put the shoes in a ventilated place to dry in the shade.Do not put wet leather shoes directly into the shoe cabinet or expose them to the sun.Because put the wet leather shoes directly into the shoe cabinet will make the shoes moldy,and exposing them to the sun can cause the leather to crack and become brittle and lose its luster.

If it keeps raining,we can dry the leather shoes with a hair dryer.But remember to set the hair dryer to the low temperature mode, and the distance between the hair dryer and the leather shoes is about 30cm.It is better to put newspapers into the shoes to absorb the moisture.To avoid the ink print of the newspaper from staining the shoes, we can wrap the newspaper with tracing paper.

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