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What to do if the shoelaces are always loose

If the shoelaces are often loose, you can change the shoelace tied way, or change to a shoelace that is not easy to open. Round shoelaces are easier to open than flat shoelaces. If you feel that your shoelaces are opened too often, you can consider changing a pair of shoelaces.

There are also many tricks in the way of tying the shoelaces to make the shoelaces not easy to unravel. The simpler method is to pick up the two sides of the bow after tying the shoelaces and tie a knot, so that the shoelaces will not fall apart easily.

There is also a very firm way to tie shoelaces, which is to put the two sides of the shoelaces together. First tie the shoelace with a simple buckle,Then pick up the two sides of the shoelace, fold it down slightly to form two rings, and put the index finger and thumb in the rings on both sides. Using your fingers, gently wrap the rings on both sides together, pull the half-folded part of the shoelace out of the circle, and pull it tight, so that the shoelace is tied.



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